Whiskytreff@Escher Kafé


Almost every 3 weeks the Luxembourg Cask Selection will organize a meeting

for whisky amateurs on the following dates with different themes:


October 20th: "Rumballs!"

Five pure rums.

Rum, free of all additives, unfiltered, unsweetened and undyed.

Rum times unlike most people know.


N.B: Meeting start at 7 p.m., duration about 2 hours,

Tel. reservation on +352 24 55 97 10

Price per participant € 34.90


Link: Whiskytreff @ Escher Kafé: Rumkugeln / Rumballs


Coming up later :


Novemerber 3th: "Peatheads" 

Five whiskeys, for friends of the earthy and smoky taste, "love it, or hate it!"


Link:  Whiskytreff @ Escher Kafé: "Peatheads" 


November 17th: "Of legal age" 

Four whiskeys, at least 20 years old, these gentlemen never used to find their way into the bottle.




December 1st: "Faithful to the line"

Five whiskeys from the same bottler.

We recognize the handwriting of the same.




December 15th: "Christmas Special"

Five whiskeys that caught our eye or are particularly suitable as gifts.

Or especially in fit this time. Let yourself be surprised.

Combined with four handmade chocolates from the "Schnäkeria" whiskey praline manufacture.